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Carolyn Whitmore

Name: Carolyn Whitmore
Age: 18
Date of birth: October 11th, 1983
From: Victoria, Australia
Fave Tina track: Too hard, I love them all!!
Best Tina moments:
1) At home listening to her music and singing away!!
2) Her performance at the Olympics opening ceremony (The Flame)
3) When I see her on television
4) When I hear her sing

Fave Tina cover art: 'In Deep' 'Soulmate #9 single'
Rarest Tina CD's I own: I wouldn't call the ones I have rare. I play them all fairly often.. Why would I call them rare?
Fave Tina line:
1) "While others long to steal the spotlight, you work your magic quietly,
cause you're not in it for the glory. The love you give comes naturally" -
Unsung Hero
2) "Nothing quite compares to the adrenaline rush you experience as you walk
onto stage into the spotlight" - Tina Arena
3) "Follow that dream" - Tina Arena

My Wish:
1) To meet Tina Arena and see her perform live in concert
2) Opportunity for ME to perform more

Ever since I was a child I've always had a strong desire that one day I'd perform before an audience. It has been my life long dream for as long as I can remember. Through my years of growing up I have listened to many performers and always dreamed of being in their position. I've dreamed of being in Tina Arena's and look up to her as an idol. She has inspired me to keep up my music and to follow my dreams.

When I was really young, my dad often on a Saturday night would play music on his record player. I'd come into the room where he was and start to sing along or dance. I loved it. Something about music captured me and I felt confident singing along.
My confidence grew even more as I performed for relatives on special occasions. I vaguely remember what I performed but remember how wonderful it felt and I wanted to keep it up. My desire to perform grew stronger.

I have been a big fan of Tina Arena for a long time. From memory, I first knew her when she performed on 'Hey Hey It's Saturday' when she sang a couple of hits from 'Don't Ask.' I hardly remember the moment but walked away with a strong impression. The way she delivered her songs and how beautifully she sounded moved me.
My dad had bought the album 'Don't Ask' and played the songs repeatedly and I grew to love her music and soon started to sing them myself and learnt the words by heart. By doing this I became positively minded and grew to admire her even more.
There is something about Tina's music that's really touching setting her apart from all other musicians I know. Her use of lyrics, her voice, and her style are exceptionally unique. She is truly wonderful and by far my favourite musician. She has given me confidence through song and that to me is a wonderful feeling. It made me determined to achieve my dream.

I didn't get many opportunities to perform like I had hoped for in my life but I kept holding onto the thought that one day it would be my turn. Lack of opportunities didn't stop me although it did lower some confidence and I felt a little disheartened. However, something gave me the strength to fight for the dream I was longing for. I remember reading in a biography about Tina Arena that all she wanted to do was to 'follow that dream.' I have strongly followed those words and hope that some day it'll be me in the
spotlight. My love for music, encouragement and support from family and friends also kept me strong.

Finally my dream did come true. I got up before my school on a special event and sung the song 'Live.' It was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced in the world. I remember the words from Tina I read, 'Nothing quite compares to the adrenaline rush you experience as you walk out on stage into the spotlight.' I felt just like that when I was up on stage. I was very excited and felt really good. I initially thought I would fall victim to nerves but I didn't. I didn't think of any bad things that could happen, I just concentrated on my love for music and how I felt.
Thankfully, it was a terrific performance and a wonderful night.
I long to live the moment again on stage. It was an overwhelming experience that I will never forget. I believe it was Tina who gave me the confidence I needed to achieve my dream. I will never forget her words 'follow that dream.'