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This page is where every fan can tell his about their story with Tina, how they first knew her, the first song they heard, how they became a fan, any Tina concerts they went to, any lucky encounters with Tina ...etc.
In short, every fan can talk about their Tina Arena experience and anything Tina related in their lives ...
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Derrick Lam

Name: Derrick Lam
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Country: Philippines
Fave Tina Song: Stay, Unsung Hero, If I Was A River, If I Didn't Love You, Not For Sale, Wasn't It Good, Be A Man, That's The Way A Woman Feels, Wouldn't Change A Thing, Best For You, Love's Funny That Way, Strong As Steel, Chains, Burn... actually the list goes on, but these are my best tracks!
Best Tina Moment: if i can cite one, it would be finding new cd's of her here in manila, because i like the way i feel whenever i see tina in front of a cd... weird huh? but it wouldn't be comparable to a  moment with tina on a dinner date... hehehe...
Longest Tina Moment: the 4 years of grueling wait to see her in person!!!!!!!
Rarest Tina CD: Burn The Remixes
Fave Tina Pic: the front cover of FHM!!!
Fave Tina Line: if i was a river, you would be my ocean, every stream would lead me to your arms and if... if i was a river i'll flow to you forever... love would run forever in this heart of mine... (everytime i hear this, i fell like melting...)
Fave Tina Part: her lips and eyes.
Best Site: don't ask it's MMM's and Mark's

The Story :

    ...but baby, baby... baby look at me, i said baby, baby look at me... i'm in chains!!!
those were the magic words when i first heard tina on the radio in early '96, i said to myself whose the girl singing? the way she screamed seemed like a real woman asking for help... i was awed at her vocal prowess, the dj announced after the song that it was tina arena, but i only remembered the name tina.
      i had a hard time finding the cd because there are a lot of singers named tina, at last after several trials i stumbled on the cd and bought it instantly... at that time no one knows whose ms. arena, but one thing's for sure, she's gonna be big!
      i also got tired to listening to the don't ask cd, i forgot her after some months because of her late follow ups...
      ...i want you to burn for me!!! ...if i didn't love you, if i didn't love and understand you baby!!! that was already 1997, i never knew who was the singer of that lines, but it kept repeating on my mind... i never watched mtv but i spent so much time because of the song, my friends started to tell me stories about a lady who has large breasts and a song called Burn. one time, i was watching mtv, stumbled upon a lady singer soaked in a seducing pool of water internalizing and singing seductively, i was stuck in awe... later on i was looking on that unforgettable face, god! SHE HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FACE i have ever seen, and that PERFECTLY HIGH PITCHED FEMALE VOICE i have ever heard... a named appeared on the latter end of the screen...TINA ARENA IN DEEP... i screamed because i never thought she would follow up the don't ask album... after some time... years passed... i grew to love her more each day bought every single and mags they have here about her... and the rest was  major history...

        i know she will always stay in my heart, i don't know why, i just have one wish... i hope that i can be able to see her in person and express my gratitude and love, for she has been a part of my life...