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Karen Park

Name: Karen Park
Age: 25
Date Of Birth: 23/09/76
From: Adelaide, Australia.
Fave tracks: No Shame, Any Other Love, It's Tonight, Whistle Down The Wind, Live For The One I Love, If I Was A River, Now I Can Dance, In Command, Not For Sale, Unsung Hero, and more...... !!!
Best Tina moment: Meeting Tina after Cabaret!!


I have been a huge Tina Arena fan since 1995 when she released Chains. Don't Ask was the first major cd I had ever bought where I only knew the one song, Chains. However, after listening to it over and over I came to learn and love the whole cd. And when I saw her "You Asked For It" tour, I knew I was going. I went with my best friend Hayley and we were lucky enough to be in the front row! I was really impressed with her performance! And I bought every single piece of merchandise possible!! You should've seen the man's face when I said "I want 1 of everything!".

When the "In Deep Live" tour was advertised, Hayley and I physically ran to the counter to get good tickets. And it was worth it, because people were allowed to stand next to the stage so we did!

Anyway, Tina did a signing for Soulmate #9 in Borders, Adelaide and we were about 3rd in line to meet her. However a reporter was questioning her while she signed ours, and even though she was really nice, we were kind of disappointed.

When we heard about Cabaret, Hayley and I saved hard to fly to Sydney to see it. We searched the streets for the stage door, as we were hoping to meet her. Cabaret itself was fantastic!! Tina was soo cute and she is definately a great actress! As soon as Cabaret finished, we went to the stage door. And then Tina came out. We gave her a present and she was so stunned and surprised at this! After she opened it she hugged us both! Then we each got a signature then we both got our photo taken with her!!!!!
Even now, a week and a half later, and I am still reeling! She was so generous and didn't mind our requests, and she was happy to talk to us for about 15, 20 minutes!

So, all in all, this has totally restored my faith in her. I am so proud she's Australian! What a gorgeous person!